POCO F3 GT REVIEW – An overall View

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POCO F3 GT REVIEW – An overall View

Before we give the review of the POCO F3 GT phone, let’s discuss a few things about this phone. Do you know POCOis a sub-brand from Xiaomi that has very first launched in F1 in the country? After the F1 phone was launched there are many sequences that launched POCO F3 is one of them. so, the POCO F3 GT phone was launched on 23rd July 2k21. It has many features that we are going to discuss such as their design, color availability, price, decision, battery backup, public review, And of course their pros and cons.

So, firstly if we are talking about which operating system is used in this phone so it comes up with the Android 11 operating system. It has a 6.67-inch Display which is approximately (1080 into 2400), it has MediaTek Dimensity 1200 processor, the front camera is about 16 Megapixels and three rear cameras are about 64mp + 18mp+ 2mp, And RAM and storage are 6GB,128GB respectively. and lately also comes with 5065 MaH battery capacity.

To improve the quality and quantity of the POCO F3 GT Phone it comes up with more sensors like fingerprint sensors, ambient light sensors, accelerometer, and proximity sensors. And last but not least, the POCO F3 GT phone price in India is the minimum starting range of rupees 25,999 to a maximum range of rupees 29,999. Increase the value of money you will get more features and functionality in it.

Things You Should Know Before Buying A POCO F3 GT Phone.

Here we are describing the main and important features according to POCO F3 GT phone users.so, it’s easy and helpful if you are wondering why you should buy a POCO F3 GT phone. Let’s discuss it one by one. Hope this might help you to have a good discussion and the right choice to invest your money in a good quality phone. 


  • General Things
  • Design
  • Performance and Software
  • Cameras Quality
  • Phone Screen And Sound
  • About Phone Backup And Their Internet Connection.
  • Sensors
  • Waterproof
  • Headphone Jack
  • Pros Of POCO F3 GT Smartphone
  • Cons Of POCO F3 GT Smartphone
  • Conclusion. 


For basic, we all know POCO is a Chinese brand. Generally, their phones are called POCOPHONES. Xiaomi is their sub-brand name. In POCO F3 GT. F3 GT is the model number, the form factor is Touchscreen, And the phone price in India is rupees 28,499, Thickness and Weight is 8.3 and 205.00 respectively.


For this very first impression when you are wondering about buying a phone, of course, its looks and its designs. POCOF3 GT  comes with a flexible and thin body. Which helps you to carry very easily in your pocket, and palm easily. Their thinner and slimmer body structure make this phone more effective and more attractive. According to a user’s review, the POCO F3 GT phone color one is gunmetal silver and the other one predator Black gives this phone a smarter look. Also, it comes up with a smooth touchable screen, which will also help to make this phone different from others. Their 6.67- inches screen design size makes this phone more attractive and smart.just like other smartphones.   


If we already talked about how amazingly the POCO F3 GT is designed then why not scatter light on this phone’s performance and software. Now, Talking about its software, it has the Android 11 operating system. It has 128GB internal storage availability. Also,12.5 MIUI so, those who don’t know much about MIUI so here is your answer that MIUI is developed by China and used in Xiaomi smartphones. MIUI is highly modified in android random access memory (ROM). These features provide their users with a good theme and wallpaper support which looks absolutely attractive on your smartphone. With these features, you can change the theme and color of your smartphone. According to the user’s review that this phone’s performance is good, POCO F3 GT is mainly popular for gaming. Because it has a long-lasting battery backup which is 5065, with 6GB RAM and 1200 MediaTek Dimensity processor. And most importantly 128Gb storage.

These main functions make this phone more long-lasting, popular, and trending these days. Happily, we can add more games, apps and files to this phone. Overall phone performance is excellent with super battery backup. This phone is extraordinary with ordinary problems. Some users don’t agree with the above statement that this phone can easily work for a long time. They complain about the heat after 45 min of playing games.


In the virtual era, camera functions play an important role in people’s lives. This POCO F3 GT  phone comes with 1 front camera which is 16 Megapixels. And 3 rear cameras one work for alongside 64 megapixel which is the main sensor second, its lens come up with 8megapixel ultra-wide angles and 2-megapixel macro sensor. when you take photos with this phone you get very fine photos each and everything can be clear to you. When you try to see the long side thing by zooming in the pictures then their pixel is a little bit the same.


Phone screens and sounds play a much important role in the POCO F3 GT phone. Their Display comes with AOD or Always On Display. Their Display size is 16.94 cm which is (6.67 inch). with a smooth and thinner body. which is easy to handy, And the display type is Full HD plus turbo AMOLED Display and Display color is 1.07 Billion. Also if you are wondering to buy this smartphone their sound features cannot disappoint you as well. Talk about their headphone jack. It works fine. And, yes, their stereo-type speaker sound is much better. Overall it’s good to invest money in this smartphone.


Of Course, the best review is given by the users about their battery backup. It has a long-lasting battery backup that runs for a long time. POCO F3 GT battery capacity is 5065mAh and it has 67W faster charging than other smartphones currently. It is not only good in battery backup but also well optimized and gives long battery life. Moreover, POCO F3 GT phones have much availability of internet connectivity like 5G, 4G, 3G, WIFI, EDGE, GPRS, and different Network types such as 2G,3G,4G VOLTE,4G, and 5G as well. This phone comes with a pre-installed browser like google chrome. Rather than this, it has more special and common connectivity like wifi, NFC, GPS, USB type C, Bluetooth, and the number of SIMs is 2. In SIM 1 we can use nano-SIM and also access the internet with 3G,4G LTE, 5G types. And also similar to SIM 2.


We all know sensors make our phones more easily usable and effective. With the help of the smartphone’s sensors, they convert any physical activity easily readable in analog and digital form. This POCO F3 GT phone has many sensors used such as fingerprint sensors generally used to lock and unlock the home screen lock in our smartphone, proximity sensors due to this sensor our smartphones Display light change according to usage or need another one is accelerometer sensors it helps to count step and speed who use a smartphone, ambient sensors these sensors set automatic light according to the requirement of phone users, And lastly Gyroscope sensors help to measure the direction and angular velocity of any object. All these sensors make this smartphone more valuable and also easy to use.


POCO F3 GT is not completely waterproof but it’s IP53 rated which means your phone is safe when few raindrops, drops of water, fall in your phone. When your phone completely dips into the water for a long time. So, there might be chances that your phone got damaged. whenever using your phone make sure you use it for your safe side.


People generally come across this frequently and ask the question: does the POCO F3 GT Smartphone come with a headphone jack? And the answer is yes this smartphone has a 3.33mm headphone jack. The device comes with a stereotype speaker setup. Which helps to enhance the high volume pitch. 


  • It has a unique and different design style than other phones. Moreover,their slim body structure makes this device easy to use. 
  • The second one is their smooth Display makes their touchscreen easily handy. 
  • The best and important feature of this smartphone is its excellent performance.
  • Also, it has the best battery backup. 


  • Their Maglev trigger is not that useful.
  •  According to many people, reviews conclude that their camera quality is not very good.
  • POCO F3 GT does not support the 5G network properly.

This is the most exciting smartphone that people wanted to grab in the first sale. Now the POCO F3 GT phone is easily available in the social online apps to sell. It is easily available at a very affordable price. Just at rupee 29,999 only. Many reviews state that their performance and other features such as storage, color, RAM, And Design make this smartphone most popular. Hopefully, the above information might help you to take the right step to make the correct choice.   

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